With our depreciating economy, freelancers of all types are on the rise.

Everything from freelance writers to freelance bakers, people are finding it easier and later more profitable, to open their own business rather than begging for a start in someone else’s business.

Are you tired of working for “the man” making pennies while the bills are costing you dollars?

Would you like to make a side income, or better yet, a business of your very own?

Would you like to know the secret of such a venture?

In this article, you will discover what I like to call the “Four Pillars of Success”.

1. WHAT IS IT THAT YOU WANT TO DO?: The first important decision you will have to make is what type of business you want run. A writing business? A bakery? A chauffeurs business? Knowing what it is you want to contribute will narrow the endless list of possiblites.

2. WHAT WILL YOU BE READING?: It is important that before you take on any business that you learn all you can about the business you plan on doing. Arm yourself with the knowledge and skills it takes to build the business or side business of your dreams.

For Freelance Writers, I highly suggest the following blogs:





3. TO WHOM WILL YOU BE PROSPECTING?: Once you know what you want to do for a business, the next thing to know is who would buy what it is that you want to offer?

To search for your “ideal client or customer” consider using:

a. GOOGLE– Quite possibly the greatest search tool for freelancers of all types.

b. LINKEDIN– To keep things on a professional basis, you may want to try LinkedIn. Unlike Facebook, you won’t have to worry about enduring such posts as who did what to whom. LinkedIn is a professional site for professionals.

4. HOW WILL YOU MARKET/ADVERTISE?: The final part of the “Four Pillars of Success” is knowing how will you get the word out and let people know you exist.

You can be the best at what you do but if no one knows you can do it, how can you expect them to hire you to do it?

a. Do you have a new article/blog post/story that you completed? Have you created a tasty new treat? Did you compose something that would make even Mozart green with envy? Take it to all your social media accounts. LinkedIn, Twitter, and yes even Facebook. The larger the reach, the more people will see your accomplishments.

Any business that you choose to go out on your own with, it is important that you think about these things.

It is better to look into a pool to make sure there is water in it than it is to just jump right in.

I hope you found this article informative.

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