In this article we will be discussing the bleeding Hemorrhagic Stroke.


What causes a stroke to bleed?


Inside your brain you have blood vessels. if these blood vessels should happen to rupture, they would release their blood into the brain causing immense pressure. This is commonly considered an aneurysm.


What would cause these blood vessels to rupture?


High blood pressure can cause the blood vessels to enlarge and rupture. Another way these blood vessels can enlarge and rupture due to high blood pressure is when the walls of the blood vessels become weak.


In extremely rarer cases, the arteries and veins that allow these blood vessels fail to be connected by capillaries. This could be evident even at birth though these cases are not hereditary.


What are the symptoms of Hemorrhagic Stroke?


Symptoms will vary from person to person cause we are all made differently. You may not experience all or any of these symptomes:


  • nausea
  • immediate and extreme headache
  • seizures
  • dizziness and balance issues
  • problems with your mouth such as problems speaking or swallowing
  • disorientation
  • numbness in certain parts of the body (face, leg, arm) or even numbness on an entire side of the body


What can be done about Hemorrhagic Strokes?


It is vital that you receive immediate medical assistance. In order to be free from this type of stroke, the bleeding that is causing pressure on your brain must be controlled and obviously reduced.


It is possible that you can get on medication that can slow down if not reduce the blood pressure and\or the bleeding. This medication is called blood thinners.


If you ever have a Hemorrhagic Stroke while on these blood thinners, then you would be at a high risk of bleeding too much.


Once this occurs, you will need emergency help and be placed on more medication that counteracts the effects of the blood thinners.


Is there anything we can do to prevent these Hemorrhagic Strokes?


While there is no definitive way of preventing a Hemorrhagic Stroke in its entirety, there are factors that we can avoid in order to reduce the likelihood that we will fall victim of it.


  • High Blood Pressure: The main culprit of these strokes. Keep your blood pressure in check and have it checked often.
  • Alcohol and Drug Use: These are considered to be contributing factors of Hemorrhagic Strokes. Stop drinking and using.
  • Blood Thinners: A surprising fact: although blood thinners reduce your risk of Ishemic Stroks, they could increase your chance of having a Hemorrhagic Stroke.


If you have any of these factors, or experiece any of the symptoms listed in this article, I strongly urge you to seek medical help immediately.


Don’t play with your life. The best defencse is knowledge.


Take care of your body and it will take care of you.


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