We have all heard people tell us to “detox” our bodies.

Hearing such advice, many of us dismiss the notion, never to pick it up again.

That is until the next person tells us to “detox” our bodies.

But what does all this talk about “detoxifying” our bodies mean and why is it so important for us to do it?

In this article, we will discover the answer together.

In the previous article, WANT TO KEEP YOUR INSIDES CLEAN? TEAS, PLEASE, I discussed the teas that we can drink that will help us detoxify our bodies.

After this article, I hope we can live happier and healthier lives as we treat the insides of our bodies as well as we do the outsides.


  • DIGESTION PERFECTION: Well, not quite. However, with a detox routine, your metabolism will be restored and you will be able to digest what you eat more proficiently.


  • POWER ON: The detoxifying of our bodies allow all the junk that still rests in our bodies to be released and with it all the sluggish feelings that are associated with the junk.


  • GARBAGE OUT: In speaking of the junk that remains in the body after digestion, a good detox routine will help you get rid of it so it does not cause any unwanted consequences.


  • JUNK ATTACK: Those unwanted consequences, what are they, you ask? A good detoxifying of your body allows you to skate past things like high blood pressure and other chronic illnesses.


  • BLOAT BE GONE: Days after you start a detox routine, and as the junk in your body is released, you will experience improved bowel functions and built up gas and bloating will be a thing of the past.


  • FAT BURNER: Your body has a natural ability to burn the fat it receives from the foods you eat. However, with the junk coming with it, this ability is no longer functioning at its peak. Introduce a daily detox routine to help your body not add to its issues and add to your weight.


  • IN WITH THE GOOD: The nutrients and minerals that the body needs are taken out of that food. With all the junk that is packed in our foods, the body cannot properly deal with the nutrients and minerals. The body cannot use what it does not process. A daily detox routine will help the body deal with this issue.


  • GIVE YOUR STOMACH A BREAK: It is amazing what the stomach has to do. Your stomach makes the acid that is responsible for the break down of your food as well as gets rid of what it does not need. Overload your stomach with junk and you will soon find yourself with stomach problems. A daily detox routine can help you here too. Not only is a liquid detox (like the teas from the previous article) easier to digest, its also a great way to detoxify the body while giving your stomach a chance to rest.


  • DETOX IS THE BEST MEDICINE: When you add detox to your regular routine, you decrease the need for the medications you take for diet related issues.


  • YOUR SKIN IS GLOWING: Detoxifying your insides has benefits for your outsides as well. By detoxing your innards, your skin will have a radiance about it and your acne and blemishes will disappear.


  • A SLIVER OF INFO ABOUT YOUR LIVER: The headquarters of detoxifying the body. Your liver is the mainstay of detox for your body. However, the more junk you throw at it, the harder it is for your liver to keep up. Give your liver a break and detox.


  • UPSTAIRS LOOKING GOOD: According to those who maintain a detox routine, they say that their thinking is less cluttered and maintain more focus.


  • AGE SLOWER: The junk we engulf comes back to haunt us by shortening our lives. Cholesterol and Heart Disease are just two real threats to long life. In order to combat this threat to your life, detoxify your body and lengthen your days.


  • WE NEED BACKUP: By detoxifying our body, we get rid of the junk that hinders our immune system from battling disease and sickness. Help the fight by adding a detox routine.


  • MANE CONCERN: In addition to all the outside benefits of detox listed in this article, your hair will be shiny and full of life once you get rid of the junk we eat.


  • ZZZZZ: A regular detox routine also improves your quality of sleep. This effect is when the body and mind become quitter due to the expelling of the junk from our foods through our detoxing regularly.


  • P-U: With all the junk we eat, its no wonder why we have gas and bloating. The built up gases can show up in our breath thus making us less appealing to those around us. Did you know that detoxifying your body will get rid of those gases? Detoxify your body and take care of this issue.


After reading this article, I hope you understand the need for detoxifying your body on a regular basis.

With all the benefits that detoxifying your body can give you, there is only one question to ask:




The body goes through a terrible amount of havoc during our daily lives.

Every day we seem to be in a rush to go from one thing to the next.

Within the “daily grind”, we quickly engulf something in those precious few moments we find during our day only to return to our hectic lifestyle.

We become so entrenched in our living that we fail to see we are in fact slowly dying.

The foods we invite within us during these times bring toxins that cause bloating, indigestion, along with a host of other health problems.

What can we do about this unseen threat to our health?

In this article, we will find several liquid options to cleanse our bodies from these toxins.

  1. Burdock Tea: This tea is quite possibly the least known of all the teas on this list. Known to support the liver in detoxifying your blood, Burdock tea uses your urine stream, your sweat, your breathing, even your stool to get rid of the toxins you ingest. Detoxify yourself.


  1. Milk Thistle Tea: Another tea that helps your liver detoxify the body, Milk Thistle Tea also is great for your digestive system. This added benefit gives your liver a break as it allows the digestive system get rid of the toxins you allow into your body. This tea has also been used for protecting healthy cells in your body for decades. It does a body good.



  1. Fenugreek Tea: While not well known in America, this tea helps your digestive tract in its battle against indigestion and bloating. Not only that, but Fenugreek Tea also lowers blood pressure, and supports your liver. This tea also slows the rate of sugar that goes into your blood stream. Are you feeling gassy? Bottom’s up.


  1. Cayenne Pepper Tea: This tea not only cleans out your insides, but also boosts your energy, helps regulate your blood sugar, and helps your digestion. Cayenne Pepper Tea releases the toxins that are in you through your spit and mucus so watch out for runny noses. Fending off a cold during flu season is another added benefit of this tea. Are you getting sick? Don’t forget this tea.


  1. Red Clover Tea: Red Clover Tea is another tea that helps your liver and blood by removing the toxins that are found inside. Another benefit of this tea is that it helps clear the phlegm found in your lungs. Here’s to your health.


  1. Cilantro Tea: Releasing your toxins through urine and stool, Cilantro Tea also removes heavy metals that hide out in your body after you eat. Cilantro Tea contains compounds that stand against arthritis and removes chemicals that are harmful in your body. Consider adding this to your health conscious diet.


  1. Dandelion Tea: While raising the amount of chemicals in the body responsible for helping detoxifying the body, Dandelion Tea supports the liver, improves the gallbladder and helps get rid of toxins through your urine. It is also a great remedy for constipation. Dandelion Tea is also known for preventing gall and kidney stones from forming. The final benefit of Dandelion Tea is that it prevents the growth of bacteria on your skin. Add this to your routine and your body will thank you for it.


  1. Chicory Tea: Coffee lovers, rejoice. Chicory Tea, according to those that drink it, tastes like coffee. It helps get rid of toxins through your digestive track by raising the level of gastric juices in your body. In addition, it helps fight liver dysfunction, helps fend off gallbladder disorders, even good against jaundice. Do you suffer from anemia? This is the drink you need. For best results, drink this every day.


  1. Ginger Tea: Ginger Tea is made from one of the world’s best-known herbs. This tea also has a compound for battling ulcers. Improved circulation, fueled up digestive system and the release of toxins through your sweat glands are what you can expect when making this part of your daily detoxifying routine.


  1. Garlic Tea: Are you looking to lose some weight? Then look no further. Garlic Tea helps eliminate excess fat as it helps you win the battle of the Bulge. As with its main ingredient (garlic,) it aids in keeping your ticker ticking and it helps you with your bad cholesterol. Vampires, beware.


Do you feel sluggish? Constipated? Bloated? Or do you just want to make sure that your inner self is as tiptop as your outside self is? Drink any of the teas listed above regularly and start living healthier than you are now.


Sugar, man’s perfect sweetener turned man’s silent killer.

Some people take condiments like sugar in moderation.

There are those of us who have to due to Diabetes, or other medical conditions.

However, what about those of us who do not have Diabetes or other related issues? Can it still become a problem?

Yes. Sugar, once taken to the extreme, can be a problem in and of itself.

People who are addicted to this silent killer, and who are not diabetic, develop a problem known as high triglycerides (too much fat in the blood).

Picture, if you will a straw. Take a glass of water and run it through that straw. There is no problem. The water runs easily.

Now, add a little sugar to that same glass of water and pour it through the same straw.

You will find that it still runs rather easily.

Keep adding sugar to the same amount of water and you will soon discover that the water passing through the straw becomes more difficult.

That is because the more sugar you add to the water, the more it turns to sludge.

Those of us with an addiction to sugar face this problem.

The water in this demonstration is our blood and the straw is our veins and arteries.

As our blood thickens, it makes the heart have to work harder to get the blood to where it needs to go.

This causes a rise on our blood pressure, which may result in a heart attack, stroke, or a host of other medical problems.

On top of this problem, if we intake too much sugar over an extended period, we develop another problem called Pancreatitis.

Pancreatitis is where the Insulin, which is responsible for regulating our blood sugar, becomes so overwhelmed with sugar, that it actually begins to devour the inside lining of our pancreas, causing extreme pain.

An overabundance of sugar in the body also gives way to liver and kidney damage.

The more sugar we ingest, the more is translated to body fat because the liver and kidneys cannot metabolize it fast enough.

We have to kill our addiction to sugar before sugar kills us.

But how do we fight such a sweet and silent killer?

As I dove deeper into the subject, I learned of at least nine ways we can stop sugar from stopping us.

  1. Avoid processed foods: Foods that taste good are not always good for you. Processed foods contain so much sugar that they actually come in different forms such as, sucrose, fructose, glucose, and high fructose corn syrup.


  1. Increase your Serotonin: Exercising and going on a sugar-free diet will stop this silent killer from killing you. In addition, the exercise will benefit you in other ways as well.


  1. Stevia: This all-natural sweetener is reportedly sweeter than sugar. However, like sugar, do not overdo it or you will find yourself with some undesirable health issues.


  1. Detox your body: Drink plenty of water. The more water you drink, the more you flush your body clean from sugar and other toxins we invite in our bodies through what we eat.


  1. Do not engulf: Eating smaller portions throughout your day, rather than eating a large quantity during meals, is another way we can fight off the sugar monster. This process will help against unsafe drops in blood sugar.


  1. The money food: Eat plenty of greens. This gives you a boost in your energy, thus stifling your cravings for the sweet bandit.


  1. Under the sea: Eating sea vegetables provides you with a serious mineral absorption that sugar would rob you of.


  1. Craving sweet? Go sour: Drinking fermented probiotic drinks every time a craving hits, is the best way to eliminate your desire for sugar and processed foods.


  1. Sugar stress? Meditate: Meditation helps us relieve stress and therefore stops us from running to sugar for help.


For more information on fighting the sweet and silent killer, go to: https://bodyecology.com/articles/10-secrets-for-ending-sugar-cravings.php.


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