Multitasking.  It seems like such a necessary element in today’s world.

However, multitasking is not with its fair share of naysayers.  Some say multitasking is impossible. Others say that multitasking leaves the activities involved to be done haphazardly and without giving them the proper attention, each activity deserves.

However, did you know that when you sleep, your body multitasks? Below is a list of most of the activities done while you sleep as found on

  1. Where am I? As we drift off to sleep, our bodies become less involved in the world outside it. The world we knew disappears for those few precious hours.


  1. Take a breath. While we sleep, nothing shuts completely off. And thank God for that. Our bodies still breathe in the air we need. In fact, our air intake becomes more relaxed. Without this function, we would not be able to rise the next morning.


  1. Simmer down. The stress of the day seems to melt away as we sleep. Our sleep helps regulate our blood pressure, temperature, and lightens our mood. Forget whatever kind of day you had and relax your cares away in Dreamland.


  1. Heal thyself. The rigors of the day-to-day life cause both visible as well as invisible damage to our skin. Damage can consist of cuts, scrapes and bruises. As we drift off into deeper sleep, the tissue repair begins to take place. Also, this time promotes tissue growth.


  1. After a good night’s rest, we feel re-energized. This is because while we sleep, the energy that we depleted during our day is replenished once more.


  1. Lights, camera, action. In speaking of what we dreamt about, the body, during Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep tells us bedtime stories called dreams and nightmares. Some we remember, others we do not (to find out the difference, read the next article: Dreammare, coming soon).


  1. At ease, soldier. During sleep, the body instructs your organs, muscles (except for those with Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) and other similar problems) to relax. This enables your sleep to become more fruitful. The more the body is at rest, the deeper sleep we can achieve.


However, with the muscles and organs at rest, some of us experience our airways closing up, giving rise to an inconvenient and disturbing function the body goes through while we sleep.


  1. Sound off. The act of snoring, while irritating and disturbing is another task that the body performs while we sleep. Snoring happens when the passage of air in and out of our bodies becomes restricted or blocked. As air tries to get to and from our lungs, it causes the sound everyone hates to hear.


So, forget your day, relieve some stress, rest, recharge, and “hop in the sack.”

And if anyone tells you that multitasking is impossible or unprofitable, you can tell him or her that you multitask in your s


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