Multitasking.  It seems like such a necessary element in today’s world.

However, multitasking is not with its fair share of naysayers.  Some say multitasking is impossible. Others say that multitasking leaves the activities involved to be done haphazardly and without giving them the proper attention, each activity deserves.

However, did you know that when you sleep, your body multitasks? Below is a list of most of the activities done while you sleep as found on

  1. Where am I? As we drift off to sleep, our bodies become less involved in the world outside it. The world we knew disappears for those few precious hours.


  1. Take a breath. While we sleep, nothing shuts completely off. And thank God for that. Our bodies still breathe in the air we need. In fact, our air intake becomes more relaxed. Without this function, we would not be able to rise the next morning.


  1. Simmer down. The stress of the day seems to melt away as we sleep. Our sleep helps regulate our blood pressure, temperature, and lightens our mood. Forget whatever kind of day you had and relax your cares away in Dreamland.


  1. Heal thyself. The rigors of the day-to-day life cause both visible as well as invisible damage to our skin. Damage can consist of cuts, scrapes and bruises. As we drift off into deeper sleep, the tissue repair begins to take place. Also, this time promotes tissue growth.


  1. After a good night’s rest, we feel re-energized. This is because while we sleep, the energy that we depleted during our day is replenished once more.


  1. Lights, camera, action. In speaking of what we dreamt about, the body, during Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep tells us bedtime stories called dreams and nightmares. Some we remember, others we do not (to find out the difference, read the next article: Dreammare, coming soon).


  1. At ease, soldier. During sleep, the body instructs your organs, muscles (except for those with Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) and other similar problems) to relax. This enables your sleep to become more fruitful. The more the body is at rest, the deeper sleep we can achieve.


However, with the muscles and organs at rest, some of us experience our airways closing up, giving rise to an inconvenient and disturbing function the body goes through while we sleep.


  1. Sound off. The act of snoring, while irritating and disturbing is another task that the body performs while we sleep. Snoring happens when the passage of air in and out of our bodies becomes restricted or blocked. As air tries to get to and from our lungs, it causes the sound everyone hates to hear.


So, forget your day, relieve some stress, rest, recharge, and “hop in the sack.”

And if anyone tells you that multitasking is impossible or unprofitable, you can tell him or her that you multitask in your s



We live in a very blessed nation. Our country has such an abundance of food, that we have actually become allergic to it.

Do you think anyone in any Third World nation is “lactose intolerant”?

However, what would happen if all our resources went away?

What would happen if all animals died of a disease that rendered their flesh inedible?

What would happen if all plant life on Earth, considering all the toxins we release into the air, suddenly became inedible?

Where would we be then?

Well, to quote what many freelancers go through, our feast would turn to famine.

There would be chaos everywhere. People facing such a threat would be fighting and clawing their way through the streets for anything and everything they could get their hands on.

How would we survive?

What would we eat in the face of a food crisis?

Below is a list of foods that, if kept untouched, will last the longest in the event that all other foods become inedible.

  1. Dried beans: Often called Legumes, can be found in a variety of places such as grocery stores and dollar stores. If they are kept in a dry area and sealed properly, they can last your lifetime. Not only that, but beans contain protein to help with your energy. Although they harden with the passing of time, you can soften them back by boiling them in water. Dried beans include Lentils, Black Beans, Pintos, and Peas.


  1. Dried pasta: Another food that if kept away from moisture and insects, as well as sealed properly, can last the rest of your life. It is a great source for carbs and is available in a variety of different flavors. This also can come from the same grocery store as the dried beans.


  1. Hardtack: Made from just flour and water, this food if made and sealed properly could possible outlive you. While it is practically tasteless, it would mean a lot if you were starving.


  1. Instant coffee: Coffee drinkers rejoice! The only thing to worry about this drink is water, sealed, and stored in an area clear of moisture and insects. Instant coffee can last for years to come.


  1. Uncooked white rice: If kept away from moisture and insects, uncooked white rice is another food that could outlive you. A descent source of carbs and protein, this makes for a mean in itself.


And finally…


  1. Hard Liquor: In the event of worldwide or nationwide food shortage, and in the event of injury, alcohol has been the tried and true disinfectant and sterilizer. It also helps with mood issues. Another quality about hard liquor is that you can use it to trade with other survivors any other supplies that you may need.


  1. Humans: Not to add any horror, but as long as there are people walking about, there is a source of meat. Cannibalism has been around for centuries. Moreover, if we are not careful, what went around, may come around again.

Although we may live in a very blessed nation, life teaches us that nothing is certain. Times can get rougher. Situations may turn for the worst or our economy can plunge, or even evaporate.  No matter the cause, the foods listed above could mean the difference between life and death.



Suicide, by many, is considered to be taking “the coward’s way out”.

Yet, in our society, every one of us does it every day and will not see the results of it until years later.

How are we committing suicide every day?

To find the answer, one needs only to look at what is in front of him or her.

Below is a list of things associated with our lifestyle that is ironically leading to our deaths.

  1. Distractions: Not paying attention to the outside world will definitely kill you dead. Things like crossing a street without looking both ways, messing with an electrical appliance with wet hands, and even walking through town or an alleyway without paying attention, to what you are doing can be hazardous to your health…and your life.


  1. Smoking: For years, the Surgeon General has warned us about the dangers of smoking. Commercials on television warn us as well. Yet, smoking is still as much of a threat as it ever was. Smoking leads to a host of problems, such as heart diseases and cancers. Stop killing yourselves and stop smoking.


  1. Drinking alcohol: At first drinking was considered an acceptable social thing. Now, people drink so much and so often, that it has become an addiction. Drinking leads to many causes of death, which include cirrhosis of the liver, cardiovascular diseases such as stroke, not to mention the deaths it, causes both on and off the road. Step away from the bottle and live to tell the story.


  1. Medications: Believe it or not, the medicines that we take can kill us if we are not taking them as directed. Sleeping pills, if you overdose can have you fall asleep and not wake up. Some medications contain side effects that can kill you if you are not cautious. So, take your medications as directed, and if a problem arises, seek medical help immediately.


  1. Obesity: For a number of reasons, people gorge on food thinking that they are safe from harm. This train of thought is not only wrong, but dead wrong. As people engulf food at such a high rate, they are doing their bodies a disservice. This overeating leads to obesity and it is the cause of a host of health-related issues in itself such as high cholesterol, which leads to heart attacks, strokes, and even cancer. Instead of gorging, go out and exercise. Your body will thank you.


  1. Mental disorders: Now more than ever, people are standing up and taking notice that mental problems such as depression, if left undiagnosed, are killing people. If you suffer from any form of mental affliction, PLEASE do not go at it alone. Seek out professionals that can help you regain your life and overcome the trappings of the mind.


The dangers we do not see are oftentimes what ends up killing us. Be mindful of the world around you and if you see any of these things in your life, or the lives of the ones you love, you can change it now before it is too late.




You may know that an increase of LDL cholesterol is a leading cause of heart disease. However, what you may not know is, that an elevated level in your triglycerides is also a leading cause of heart disease. In fact, according to the Archives of Internal Medicine, an article written by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), about 1/3 of all Americans suffer from high triglycerides. Apart from the dangers of heart disease, the list below covers other health risks you may have due to an elevated triglyceride level.

  • Pancreatitis- Your pancreas is responsible for making the juices that aid in the dissolving of the foods you eat. Also, it is responsible for the creation of Insulin. The enzyme that controls blood sugar. Pancreatitis is where the enzymes in the pancreas start to devour the inside of your pancreas, causing extreme stomach pain. If the juices in the pancreas ever got out, the results could be life-threatening.
  • Type-2 Diabetes- As your triglyceride levels rise, so does the chance you will develop Type-2 Diabetes.
  • Stroke- Damage to your brain is directly linked to the decrease in the blood supply. The more your arteries are clogged by plaque caused by high triglycerides, the less blood is being supplied to the brain, thus a stroke occurs.
  • Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease- Is linked with high triglycerides as fat is accumulated in the liver. Also, liver failure is linked to your high triglyceride levels as well.
  • Peripheral Artery Disease- PAD is caused by having to much fat to accumulate in the arteries that allow blood to flow to your legs.
  • Dementia- Or more commonly considered loss brain function, is caused by damaged blood vessels in your brain. Toxins, such as the toxic protein, Amyloid, then builds up in the brain causing this disease.

Thankfully, your triglyceride level does not have to be the death of you. There are a number of medications out there that can help you lower your triglycerides. Below is a list of 3 of them:

  • Fibrates- Such as Fenofibrate, raise the good cholesterol (HDL), and may even reduce your bad cholesterol (LDL), this goes especially for the people with high triglycerides.
  • High Levels of Niacin (Vitamin B3)- this decreases your high triglyceride levels 40%, if taken 1500 mg or more per day. Niacin also raises your HDL levels up 40%, and has been shown to have a significant impact in reducing your LDL levels.
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids- Depending on the level of Omega-3, (higher than 4 g per day), you can lower your high triglyceride count.

So, keep your triglyceride levels in check, as well as your cholesterol levels, and your body will thank you for it.